Who we are

The Association of Professional Engineers Australia (APEA) is not just a union – we are also a professional association with a membership of over 25,000 members. We provide support to individuals and groups on workplace issues, advocate for policy change and provide a voice to members on issues that affect the profession.

Our vision

We work on behalf of our members to win the professional recognition, respect and rewards that they deserve.

Our commitment

APEA is committed to:

  • providing the highest standard of workplace advice and support to our members;
  • delivering access to high quality continued professional development and industry-approved accreditation programs;
  • advocating on behalf of engineers so that they are heard by government and industry; and
  • building upon the successes of past campaigns to continue negotiating improved salaries and conditions for the sector.

who we are

Our story

The Association of Professional Engineers Australia (APEA) has a long and successful legacy of making sure the profession of engineering is treated fairly and with respect in Australia.

Formed in 1946, we are the founding organisation for what is now known as Professionals Australia – a not for profit member organisation representing 25,000 members from more than twenty professions, including science, IT, translators and interpreters, pharmacy, and architecture.

APEA’s expansion to what it is today has been built on a foundation of significant successes for its members. In 1961, APEA won a massive 40% pay increase for engineers and paved the way for a series of awards for other professionals.

In 2013 – after three amalgamations, three name changes and 67 years of growth and development – Professionals Australia was born. However, our commitment to protecting and supporting the rights of engineers Australia-wide has stayed the same as those early days of 1946.

So, when you join APEA, you also become part of Professional Australia’s massive membership network and extensive range of member services and benefits.
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We are a strong network of 25,000 professionals who work together for a better deal for all our members.

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