Key to engineering a better future

The Victorian Parliament is currently debating legislation to introduce a new registration scheme for engineering, recognising the vital role of engineers to community safety and economic prosperity.

The legislation addresses an anomaly: Accountants, lawyers and architects must register to protect the community, but not engineers. Electricians and plumbers have to register, but the engineers who design projects in water, rail, road, bridges, energy, manufacturing and much more, do not.

The current situation has created risk: too many non-engineers working are doing the complex work that should be performed by qualified, skilled engineers. The overreliance on non-engineers has led to poor project conception, development and delivery, which is de-valuing the profession.

The risk to the community by engineering failures are etched in Victoria’s memory: The Esso Longford Gas Plant; Westgate Bridge collapse; billions in infrastructure cost over-runs, project delays and disputes.
With so much at stake, we must ensure only qualified and competent engineers can oversee engineering work. It is time the work of Victorian engineers is recognised by a professional registration system.

Most of the community (93%) support registration of engineers and over 3 in 4 engineers have backed the scheme. The Victorian Government was elected on a commitment to deliver this, and we believe the model is robust yet low cost. But some MPs are playing politics with the legislation. We need your help to build a stronger engineering profession in Victoria, by letting them know why this matters to you.
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