Online application for RPEng and/or RPEQ

Thank you for choosing to become recognised as Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia (RPEng) or Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ). (And for choosing APEA as your assessment body).

Remember, if you’re not a member of the Association, the fee for RPEQ assessment is $485. Otherwise, you can pay slightly more and get RPEng, plus all the other APEA membership benefits. Think about it.

Before completing the application form, make sure you’ve read the By-Laws and understand your responsibilities as a future Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia (RPEng). This is an online application process, so make sure you have all your documents on-hand and ready to be uploaded.

If you want to look at the CPD log format before starting the online form, you can download the viewing-only PDF using these buttons:

Get started!

Please complete a brief self-assessment before commencing your engineering registration assessment application. Click here to begin the self-assessment.