Understanding the eligibility criteria and application expectations will ensure that your experience with APEA is seamless.

Application Process

Assessment to become a Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia (RPEng) requires you to demonstrate that you’re qualified and competent.

This is the first page of the eligibility section, which will guide you through each of the eligibility components, ensuring that when you’re ready to apply, you’re completely prepared.

First, understanding the basic application process:

  • Step 1: Read the By-Laws making note of what documentation and information you need to provide.
  • Step 2: Collect the required documentation/information.
  • Step 3: All applications are submitted online, so if you have any physical documents, these will have to be scanned and saved.
  • Step 4: Using the online application form, enter your details, upload your qualification and work experience documents, provide professional referee details, then fill out the CPD log.
  • Step 5: Submit.

Once we have your application, it will be reviewed and then distributed to an assessor who will be in contact to conduct the interviews.



The eligibility is based on:
To be a professional engineer, you need to be qualified...

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To be considered eligible, you must have completed at least five years of...

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Professional Development
To meet the CPD requirements, you must....

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Ethical commitment
Our code of ethics demonstrates your responsibility and commitment...

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100 Points of ID
It is now a requirement for all applicants to provide 100-points of identification...

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