Professionals Australia welcomes Queensland’s leading- edge clean energy and jobs plan

Thursday 29 September 2022

Professionals Australia has welcomed the Queensland Government’s leading edge Energy and Jobs Plan, which will drive more investment in renewable energy, create thousands of jobs, achieve significant reductions in emissions and meet the 50 per cent renewable target by 2030.

It is estimated the plan will deliver 64,000 jobs in clean energy infrastructure, including jobs to build the SuperGrid, in transmission and renewable energy projects, manufacturing and operations and in services which support the energy sector. Another 36,000 jobs are expected in areas like renewable hydrogen and battery manufacturing.

The innovative plan is underpinned by an Energy Workers’ Charter to protect and support energy sector workers.

Professionals Australia Queensland Director Sean Kelly said that the Queensland Government’s plan was incredibly important for Queensland workers and the environment.

“The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan delivers new jobs as well as support for workers affected by the transition to renewable energy and it’s the culmination of concerted work by Professionals Australia and other energy sector unions in Queensland.

“The plan includes an Energy Workers' Charter and will provide for a legislated Job Security Guarantee to support all workers at publicly owned coal fired power stations and ensure no worker is abandoned as the energy sector transforms.

“Other support will include retraining and transfers to new roles and the establishment of an Energy Industry Council will ensure workers are consulted throughout the transition.

Desmond Wing a HV Electrical Engineer (Transmission) said that the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan was as significant as the Snowy Hydro Scheme and a major step forward for Queensland, the environment and for workers.

“The integrated plan is a critical and important step for Queensland’s future and maintaining our quality of life.

“It lays the ground-work for Queensland to have safe, reliable, economically viable and sustainable electricity supply solutions for future generations.

“The Charter will provide important employment protections for professional engineers and technicians and that’s an excellent outcome for our profession.

Mr Kelly thanked Professionals Australia members for their important contribution to the development of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.

“Professionals Australia members in Queensland should be proud of the role they have played as part of the union in the development of the plan, which will build a cleaner, safer and more prosperous future for all Queenslanders.”

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