Every person and every organisation relies on our nation’s infrastructure to function – getting it right should be a top priority.

Professionals Australia’s Better Infrastructure document details the single biggest issue impacting Australian infrastructure: Waste.

On the brighter side, the document also details a range of solutions which we are taking to governments around the nation.

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Better Infrastructure in NSW Legislative Assembly

The Better Infrastructure campaign has had a moment in the spotlight at a sitting of the NSW Legislative Assembly. The Hon. Edmond Atalla MP, member for Mount Druitt and Professionals Australia member, has been pushing for improved planning and practices for state infrastructure projects, referring to our Better Infrastructure campaign in his speech on the 21st of June to the NSW Legislative Assembly.


Victorian Government announcement: Engineer Cadets included in new policy

The Victorian Government announced a policy which will change the landscape for Victorian engineers for the foreseeable future – as of January 1, 2016 at least 10% of the work carried out on Victoria’s major projects must be undertaken by apprentices, trainees or engineering cadets.

The original commitment did not include engineer cadets, but through the advocacy efforts of Professionals Australia on behalf of members, we were able to make the case, and change Government policy.

This is a great outcome for the engineering profession in Victoria, and the community more broadly.

The 10% will apply to all government construction, infrastructure, civil engineering and capital projects valued at more than $20 million.

Professionals Australia is committed to lifting the standing of the professionals we represent; achieving the respect, recognition and reward you deserve. This announcement is a testament to that commitment.

For more information, please contact the professional recognition team at [email protected]

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Waste studies – case studies of infrastructure waste

As an advocate for Better Infrastructure, you understand and appreciate the need to stem the wasteful infrastructure practices currently being implemented at all tiers of government across Australia.

This is impacting the community and the economy.

We have been advocating for politicians and decision-makers across the country to accept the issues and adopt the solutions proposed in our Better Infrastructure policy – and we have made progress.

There is now a common awareness that this issue exists, but it is the political motivation to take action which is now lacking.

While our arguments are sound, and our solutions viable, this motivation will only come if we demonstrate real, first-hand examples of waste.

As technical professionals on the ground level, you’re the most suitable persons in the country to provide insights into the real nature of infrastructure waste.

National Infrastructure Audit

Summary of findings

Infrastructure Australia released the long-awaited Australian Infrastructure Audit: Our Infrastructure Challenges in May.

The audit strategically examines Australia’s infrastructure needs, emphasising the limitations of the nation’s existing infrastructure, and underlining the need for greater investment and improved planning over the coming years.

Professionals Australia has reviewed the audit findings and prepared short summary: Read more...