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LGEA and the Association of Professional Engineers Australia members have worked hard for many years to achieve an engineer registration scheme in NSW that protects the community and ensures that professional engineers working in this state receive the recognition and respect they deserve.

We are now at a critical juncture in our campaign where despite the passing of legislation in June, the Government is now trying to block the introduction of a broad-based registration scheme. We need to send our MP’s a message about how important this reform is to engineers and the wider community.

With engineer registration schemes already in place in Queensland and Victoria, and shortly in the ACT, our members have been clear that the introduction of a registration scheme here is critical to ensure that NSW does not become a destination of last resort for unqualified people to practice as engineers.

The Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 passed the NSW Parliament with the full support of both Houses. This new law covers all engineers specialising in structural, civil, mechanical, fire safety and electrical engineering work and has scope to add further specialisations as required.

But now, the NSW government is stubbornly refusing to create the administrative framework that would see a registration scheme introduced for any engineers working in NSW, except those working on class 2 multi-storey residential apartment buildings.

This is unacceptable and completely contrary to the wishes of the community and the NSW Parliament.

To protect public safety, reduce economic waste and ensure professional engineers receive the recognition and respect they deserve, it is critical that the administrative arrangements to deliver a broad-based registration scheme is now implemented by the NSW government.

It’s time to show the government that professional engineers will not be ignored. To send an email to your local MP telling them how important this matter is to you, please fill out your details below.


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