Greater Sydney ET reforms

Members have raised a number of concerns around the GS restructure proposal.

Issues of concern include:

  • De-engineering;
  • Gaps in function and skillset;
  • Perception of Conflict of interest; and
  • How people were matched to roles
We have a meeting to discuss concerns and hear from members and other impacted staff, please attend and bring a colleague.

Thursday 4 March at 4pm

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Members are reminded to use the 5 step plan to influence the outcome of the Greater Sydney restructure proposal

STEP 1. Educate yourselves: Members should have by now read through the pack and asked questions of colleagues and management to get a full understanding of how your branch will work and what the impacts of the change might be. Any obvious errors should be urgently followed up with both management and the union

STEP 2. Take part in the process. Submit your feedback. Type your feedback in a document, save it and then copy it into the portal. The link to the portal can be found in your consultation pack.

STEP 3. Let the union know: Email your feedback to Adrian Catt: [email protected]. Be sure to include in the Greater Sydney feedback and your branch name in the subject.

STEP 4. Amplify your feedback: Talk to others about your view, and what your feedback was. Engage and ask them what they think, and suggest they may also put similar feedback, give them a copy of what you sent if they are interested. Take control of the discussion. It gets back to management. Get your colleagues to attend the union meeting on Thursday 4 March.

Ask your colleagues to join the union. It’s part of step 4, but the best way to get the message out is to get people to join. It’s not hard to ask people which union they are a member of, and if the answer is none, to ask them to join PA.

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