Professionals Australia lodges collective dispute against Holden

Professionals Australia, PA, has lodged a collective dispute application on behalf of numerous members against Holden. Holden has made PA members redundant and not properly factored years of service into the redundancy payments members are entitled to under their EBA.

Redundant members have individual claims of up to an additional 30 weeks’ redundancy pay that Holden have refused to pay. On 24 June 2020, PA lodged a collective dispute application with the Fair Work Commission under the dispute resolution clause of the GM Australia Engineering Operations Enterprise Agreement 2018. No resolution could be found through conciliation and so the dispute has been referred to the Fair Work Commission. Professionals Australia, the union for scientists, engineers, architects, ICT professionals, pharmacists, translators and interpreters, provides legal advice to its full financial members and in this instance legal representation against an unfair employer.

Gordon Brock, CEO of Professionals Australia, said, “It is always extremely disappointing to see an employer try to take advantage of their employees. The union is here to stand-up for the working rights of professional Australians and ensure they receive the respect, recognition and reward they deserve. Our hope is that our collective dispute application will result in Holden doing the right thing by our members.” Being a member of Professionals Australia has many benefits additional to the camaraderie of working together with fellow union members to protect your workplace rights.

For our Holden members, it has meant legal action against their employer to get their deserved entitlements.

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