Referee check; making sure that other professional engineers have witnesses your work experience and commitment to professionalism

To be eligible, you must provide contact details for three Professional Referees.

These may be either your supervisors or colleagues who are familiar your work experience activities highlighted in your CV and must have known you for a period of at least 12 months.

Professional Referees must satisfy one of the following requirements:

» Be Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia and referee’s accreditation must be in the discipline for which the applicant is seeking accreditation

» Be a CPEng, RPEQ or CP, or equivalent status as outlined in Section 3.6.

» Engineer with a Bachelor degree (or other historically or internationally recognised equivalent or higher qualification) in the discipline (or a closely related-discipline) to which you are seeking accreditation. This referee must also have more than five years of work experience in the discipline or similar discipline in which the applicant is seeking accreditation. That is, they must be eligible to hold RPEng accreditation.

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