Federal Budget 2019-20

The 2019-20 Federal Budget will again have a significant impact on Australia’s engineers. The budget touts major infrastructure spending, with some $29.5 billion in infrastructure spending allocated over the forward estimates. However, Professionals Australia remains cautious as to whether we will ever see many of the Budget initiatives come to fruition. Infrastructure is critical to…

Update: Engineer registration VIC

For too long, engineers have not received the respect and recognition for the work they do!  Now, the Victorian Parliament has concluded its initial consultation work to finalise a registration scheme for engineers.  Registration serves to recognise an engineer’s qualifications, competency, experience and professional ethics.  “[Registration] will give Victorian engineers an edge and keep shonky operators out of the industry,” said Mr Pallas. …

Engineering capacity in VIC

The Victorian Capacity Building Workshop was run to identify practical initiatives that can be implemented and accelerated through a collaboration between industry, government and training providers. The aim of the workshop is to avoid cost blowouts,delays and problematic commercial projects that are inevitable unless engineering capacity can be built within government and the construction sector today.

WA Community Cabinet

The Association of Professional Engineers Australia (APEA) was invited to the final Community Cabinet for 2018 held in Ellenbrook, Western Australia. Represented by Dr Wen Chen, took the opportunity to discuss lifting the standing of engineering through Engineering A Better Future.