In recent years the skilled migration of engineers has reached record high levels.

Skilled migration plays a crucial role in filling gaps in our national engineering capacity, especially when there are skill shortages.

But at a time when there are no identified shortages, current government policy favours short term, lazy options which work against the interests of Australia in the long run.

Experienced engineers are missing out on decent jobs, and increasing numbers of graduates are struggling to find their first. Overseas-born engineers currently experience more than double the rate of unemployment of domestic engineers, and only 55% stay working in engineering after arriving in Australia.

To show government that we are serious about investment in a vibrant domestic workforce, including addressing unemployment among graduates and overseas-born engineers, we need the support of every engineer.

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Let’s get engineering off the Skilled Occupations List.

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What engineers are saying about the campaign…

“I support it 100%. I’ve been looking for job for 2 years now and I have found that for one job more than 100 people apply. Most of us find that Australia is the end of your career.” – Gina, campaign supporter

“I believe the market demand is the most important index when determining migration policy. I am a beneficial of engineering skill migration program, but I cannot find a proper engineering job now. I do not want to see more international student suffering from the same situation like me. The migration policy must help the job market, not distorting the job market” – Chen, campaign supporter

“Hope this will help skilled migrant engineers, who are already in Australia but not employed in the chosen field.” – Raj, campaign supporter

“Nearly three (3) years out of uni after successfully completing ‘Bachelor of Civil/Structural Engineering, Diploma in Engineering Practice’ and still not being employed despite continuous efforts to get employment in my field of practice, namely; Engineering. Such a disgrace and waste of talent/time.” – Soghra, campaign supporter